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Welcome to my Castle , the owner of this Blog . Be nice here and leave your footprints at my 'be talkative' . thank you


hey guys, u already in my blog. I'm not a arrogant. i'm easy to approached. I do not like hostile. but if you'd like hostile, it's up to u. juz be a SYOK SENDIRI person becoz i will ignore u as my enemy. i will change my attitude if u not satiesfied wift me. juz INFORM directly to me. REMEMBER, nobody's perfect in the world. pliz respect me and i will respect u. thank you


Put your link, not email.
No harsh word.
If you want to exchange link, tell me on chatbox.
and be nice :)


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Aug 31, 2011 | 8/31/2011 04:19:00 AM | 0 comments

arghhhhh ,, kekadang ,, pe yg kite wat msty xtene kat mate owg ,, kite wat 2 slh ,, wat ni slh ,, pe yg btol nye ni ?? kdg2 mslh owg len ,, owg len yg sebok ,, iye x ?? ble nk mara ,, t kcian lak ,, p ble xmara ,, aq cndry yg akit aty .. huuh .. kenang kn nme KWN la aq leyh btahan ,, cbbkn kwn la aq tene bsabar .. da la hbgn dowg uw very close ,, kang ble aq msok line ptahankn hak aq ,, t aq yg tene ,, x psl2 aq lak dtusuh mcm2 .. slagy aq mmpu bsabar ,, aq akn dyam ,, p bukn slamenye aq akn dyam .. 

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