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Aug 10, 2011 | 8/10/2011 03:16:00 PM | 0 comments

ni la pic aq mase djh haz batch 2008 .. bukn sume nye pangkat 1 .. aq je pangkat 2 .. hahai .. urmm .. mase ni la aq ase samok yg amat .. bukn cbb dapat konvo je .. p  owg yg aq sayang pon de gak aw dlm pic ni .. huhu .. ble ingt2 bleq .,, ase cm nk putar kn mase je nk ulang bleq pristiwe bsejarah cm ni .. hahha ,, djh haz batch 2008 !!! SENTIASE DLM OTAK AQ .. !

hah , ni la dak2 klz 3 UTM 2010 ,, klz ni mang klz paling top skaly .. dak2 nye kpale sume trejal .. klz ni gak klz yg paling harok skaly antare klz2 form 3 yg laen .. kiteowg sume 1 kpale .,. haha .. de gak antare kiteowg ni ,, simpan pasaan antare 1 same laen ,, start r 'usha2' .. da puaz usha2 ,, troz r urn mnx green light .. haha .. p ,, bagy aq ,, klz ni la yg paling bezt skaly .. 3 UTM !!!! lurve so much ...

ni klz aq yg baru .. 4 UUM .. kiteowg still baru p dlm 4 buln kiteowg da leyh jady 1 kpale .. klz ni xde la trejal angt banding kn ngan klz 3 UTM dl .. p ,, klz ni pon xkuwang ebat nye taw .. dak2 nye pon samok r .. ble sowg tene mara ,, ibarat 1 klz tene mara .. hahha .. cikgu kiteowg mang sporting glew bapak r .. dye pon 1 kpale gak ngan kiteowg .. huhu .. ase xleyh bayang kn btape sedeyh nye nk tinggal kn klz ni .. p ,, setiap ptemuan pasty de ppisahan .. 4 UUM !! i lurve u .. do the bezt ..

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