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selamat ary raye aidilfitri
Aug 30, 2011 | 8/30/2011 02:32:00 AM | 0 comments

 hy .. aq nk ucpkn slamat ary raye kat kowg sume ..
senang2 t atg la uma ,, huhu ..
p tene inform dl k b4 nk atg ,,
mne la tau kot2 aq hang out ngan kengkawan ke kn ,,
kang kowg atg xde spe lak kat uma ,,
wat pnt je atg .. 
bg aq ,, raye taon ni xbpe nk meriah sgt la ,,
xcm raye2 b4 ni ,, 
samok abez wa ckp loo .. hahah ..
k everybody .. hope raye taon ni bri byk mkne dlm idop kite sume ,, 
n xupe gak ,, yg mne mngenali ,,
aq nk mnx maap ujong ambot cm5 ujong kaki dri kowg sume 
if i've a mztake .. n tok kowg yg xbpe nk mngenali aq pon ,,
aq mnx maap ye .. law2 de wat slh ngan sngaje @ x .. 
huhu .. EPPY EID DAY .. muahhhhhh .. hahah

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