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adeq nk trial PMR
Aug 12, 2011 | 8/12/2011 04:21:00 PM | 0 comments

monday next week ,, adeq aq trial PMR ..hope2 dye leyh jwb ngan tenang .. amiin ,, act ,, aq pon isaw gak ngan dye uw .. dl wat teje kusus pon isaw glew2 akot dye wat maen2 then xleyh nk skor full marks ,, p naseb bek la sume nye okeyh je .. kuwangla isaw uw cket .. n skng ni yg btambah isawkn uw assigment BI lak yg dye tene wat .. byase la kn ,, PMR ! teacher dye akap trial taon ni mang agk mcabar dye punye question ,, mcabar cm ne uw .. Allah je la yg tau .. kn ?? yg penting tene ready dri sume aspek je la .. td je pon lepak2 dlm blik ,, dye nanges2 story kat aq psl trial ni .. aq pon da de pngalaman ,, so ,, aq tolong la mne yg ptot .. aq syor kn pe yg aq wat dl .. mudahan2 pe yg aq syor kn uw dye leyh wat pe yg ptot dye wat .. mse aq nga PMR .. dye de gak bukak story ,, da plan nk smbong blajow at skola teknik lua negeri johor .. p insyaAllah ,, sgale angn2 dye uw jd knyataan .. amiin .. 

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