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hey guys, u already in my blog. I'm not a arrogant. i'm easy to approached. I do not like hostile. but if you'd like hostile, it's up to u. juz be a SYOK SENDIRI person becoz i will ignore u as my enemy. i will change my attitude if u not satiesfied wift me. juz INFORM directly to me. REMEMBER, nobody's perfect in the world. pliz respect me and i will respect u. thank you


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Aug 10, 2011 | 8/10/2011 03:18:00 PM | 0 comments

npe la ngan membe aq yg sowg uw ,, tau la da skola teknik ,, p xkn ngan membe lame pon da xingt kot .. start dye pindah skola ,, dye langsong x call aq ,, but ,, skaly je kiteowg jumpe mase cuty skola bulan 3 ,, kiteowg jln2 at CS .. p mybe dye still ingt urn kiteowg ,, aq mang sedeyh glew la ngan dye 2 .. p ,, xpe la .. mgkin dye da jumpe membe yg agy baek dri membe2 skola lame dye .. so ,, x mustahil dye da xingt urn kiteowg .. kn3 .. hurmm .. bia la dye ,, asl kn dye eppy .. da cukop r bgy kiteowg yg still tunggu2 dye .. hurmmm

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