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Sep 18, 2011 | 9/18/2011 06:38:00 PM | 0 comments

byk bnde yg aq nk ,, yg bnde yg aq idamkn ,, p xsume 2 aq leyh dpt dlm 1 mse ,, 
p yg aq pasty ,, bnde PTAME   yg aq nk n aq pazty akn dpt 2 bnde je .. 

ni ncet sony firssssst skaly yg aq gune ,, 
W300i ,, cm nk bdekak je urn engok body dye ..

hah ! yg ni la ncet yg aq nk sgt 2 ( W580i ),, 
kaler pon mnarek ,, cute je kn .. 
mang matching la ngan aq ,, huahuahuahua ..

nkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ,,, aq nga glew kn  MP3 ni ,,
urmmm ,, wane pe eak yg sesuai tok aq ???
hurmmmm ,, wane pape pon aq xksa ,,
yg pntg nye ,,, aq MESTY dpt kn gak bnde ni ,, 

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